Terms and conditions


1. Terms of Use and Disclaimer

 The LLO.LU Platform (Léier Lëtzebuergesch online/Learn Luxembourgish online) is an online Luxembourgish language learning service (“LLO.LU”) run by ALTISSIA INTERNATIONAL S.A. (“ALTISSIA“) in the name of and on behalf of the National Institute of Languages Luxembourg (INLL) under the supervision of the Luxembourg Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. It is for all persons wishing to learn the Luxembourgish language without age or geographical restrictions (the “Learner“).

Any Learner accessing the services and courses offered on the LLO.LU Platform by ALTISSIA in the name and on behalf of the INLL undertakes to comply unreservedly with the present conditions of use of the LLO.LU Platform (the End User Licence Agreement, “EULA“), which will be presented for acceptance by the Learner before they can access the LLO.LU Platform’s services.

The National Institute of Languages Luxembourg, under the supervision of the Luxembourg Ministry of Education and ALTISSIA, may regularly update the EULA. The updated EULA will automatically govern the Learner’s access to the LLO.LU Platform as soon as it is online. Learners are therefore invited to regularly check for and read the updated versions of the EULA.


2. Access and Registration to Services

 2.1. Licence to Use the LLO.LU Platform

The INLL, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, authorises the Learner to access and use the LLO.LU Platform in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this EULA (the “Licence”). The Licence is free, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and is conditional upon the Learner’s strict compliance with the EULA. The Licence is granted to the Learner for the duration of the LLO.LU project.

 2.2. Terms and Conditions of Access

The use of the LLO.LU Platform is open to all without age or geographical restrictions. By registering for the LLO.LU Platform, the Learner certifies that they meet the above conditions. The LLO.LU Platform is accessible via the website https://www.llo.lu or the mobile application LLO.LU (the “Application“) after creating a Personal Account according to the terms and conditions detailed in Article 2.5. of this EULA:

The use of the LLO.LU Platform is exclusively remote, either:

  • From a public connection (at the INLL, in partner institutions, multimedia spaces, socio-professional integration centres, etc.) authorised for this purpose


  • From a computer or any other private personal device (tablet, phone, etc.) (the “Device“)

 2.3. Timetable

The Learner may use their personal login and password to access the services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, taking into account that ALTISSIA may temporarily interrupt the use of the LLO.LU Platform or part of the services provided therein for maintenance reasons.

2.4. Required Equipment

The Learner’s Device must meet these minimum technical requirements:

  • Multi-media: computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Web browsers: any browser with at least 2% of the European market share (https://gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-share/all/europe); this currently (in 2022) corresponds to:
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Samsung Internet
    • Opera
  • Plug-ins: no plug-in required
  • Operating System:
    • Computers: Windows 10 and higher, Linux, and MAC OS X®
    • Tablets and smartphones: Android, iOS, and Windows (current versions)
  • Bandwidth: > 0.5 Mbps (i.e., a low speed 3G connection); a bandwidth of 2 Mbps is recommended to ensure optimal accessibility to the platform
  • Minimum screen resolution: 320 x 568 px

MS Office (all versions), Open Office, and PDF programs are supported for viewing documents downloadable from the platform (certificates, user guides, etc.). The use of the content does not require any administrative rights such as “Power user” or “Administrator” of the machine. No files of any type (MP3, video, etc.) are to be uploaded to an external site. All media is securely hosted on our central server. All results are stored directly on our servers. No removable devices or media are required for optimal use of the platform.

The LLO.LU Platform and Language Assessment are compatible with most standard browsers used on tablets and smartphones running Android® (Google) and iOS® (Apple) operating systems and ensure optimal compatibility with the latest versions of these operating systems. All tools are designed natively in Responsive Web Design.

The tools are also available as native iOS and Android mobile applications. The applications are compatible with the latest versions of the iOS and Android operating systems, representing a total market share of over 75% in Europe.

The LLO.LU Region and/or ALTISSIA may not be held responsible for any difficulty accessing and/or using the LLO.LU Platform if the Learner’s Device does not meet this minimum configuration.

2.5. Personal Account

Any Learner wishing to access the LLO.LU Platform services must identify themselves by creating a personal access account (the “Personal Account”). When registering for a Personal Account, the Learner must provide the following personal information: surname, first name, personal email address, date of birth, gender (female/male/other), postal code of place of residence, nationality, country, socio-professional status (student/working/jobseeker/retired), and a secret password.

The Learner undertakes to update the data they have provided during their online registration without delay. The personal information provided will be processed in accordance with the legislation in force and, more specifically, as per the personal data processing policy of the LLO.LU Platform, available at the following link www.llo.lu/politique-de-confidentialite (the “Privacy Policy”).

The Learner certifies that the information provided is complete and accurate and undertakes to update it in the event of any changes. IDs and passwords are strictly personal and confidential and cannot be transferred to third parties.

The Learner, therefore, undertakes to keep the password for their Personal Account secret and not to disclose it.

The Learner who creates a Personal Account accepts responsibility for any activity that takes place on the LLO.LU Platform in connection with their Personal Account.

In case of non-compliance with the EULA by the Learner, INLL, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, reserves the right, at its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever, to delete their Personal Account.

 2.6. Use of Cookies

The use of cookies on the LLO.LU Platform is detailed in the Privacy Policy, accessible via the following link: https://llo.lu/en/privacy-policy/


3. Confidentiality – Privacy Protection

 ALTISSIA only processes personal data on behalf of and for the INLL under the supervision and instructions of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The INLL, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, remains solely responsible for processing your personal data. For any information relating to personal data processing, the Learners of the LLO.LU platform are invited to consult the Privacy Policy accessible at https://llo.lu/en/privacy-policy/ and/or to contact the INLL’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) directly (dpo@men.lu).


4. Content of Services

 The services provided by ALTISSIA in the name and on behalf of the INLL under the supervision of the Ministry of Education on the LLO.LU Platform are detailed in the public pages of the website www.llo.lu.

 They include:

  • Access to Luxembourgish language learning services based on a self-training method
  • Access to a personal space allowing the Learner to view the results obtained in each exercise, an overview of the skills acquired, and their level of progress
  • Technical and pedagogical assistance including an introduction to the platform, a user guide, and a help desk that can be reached by email only


5. Limitation of Liability

 ALTISSIA guarantees that the Learner will be able to access the LLO.LU Platform at all times, subject to the following cases: during scheduled maintenance for which the Learner will be informed or following a service breakdown or malfunctioning that has been corrected. In such a case, ALTISSIA will do its utmost to ensure that the LLO.LU Platform returns to service as soon as possible. However, taking into account the free nature of the Licence, the Learner accepts this temporary impossibility to access the LLO.LU Platform services and waives any recourse and any indemnity whatsoever in this respect.

ALTISSIA endeavours to ensure the security of the Site, the Application, and the LLO.LU Platform by complying with maximum technical requirements and security standards. However, given the free nature of the Licence, neither ALTISSIA nor the INLL under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg shall be held responsible in case of temporary unavailability of the information appearing on the Site and/or in case of the presence of a virus on the Site or the Application. Neither ALTISSIA nor the INLL under the supervision of the Ministry of Education shall be liable for any damage affecting a Device, as well as for any direct or indirect damage, such as loss of use or loss of data, incurred by the Learner as a result of using the Site, the Application, and the LLO.LU Platform.


6. Disputes

 These General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with Belgian law. In the event of any dispute or litigation arising from this agreement, only Belgian law will apply, and the courts of Brabant-Walloon shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


7. Intellectual Property

 All elements of the Site, the Application, and the LLO.LU Platform are the exclusive property of the INLL, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and/or ALTISSIA. All figurative trademarks, logos, illustrations, images, videos, drawings and models appearing on the Site, the Application and the LLO.LU Platform, whether registered or not, are and shall remain the exclusive property of the Walloon Region and/or ALTISSIA and/or their partners. Any total or partial reproduction, download, modification or use of the elements of the Site, the Application, the LLO.LU Platform or its databases by any means whatsoever is prohibited unless expressly authorised by the INLL, the Ministry of Education and ALTISSIA within the framework of a written contract.


8. Links

 The references mentioned on the Site, the Application, and the LLO.LU Platform to other sites, products or services of third parties do not imply any recommendation of these products, services, or third parties. ALTISSIA, the INLL, and the Ministry of Education are in no way responsible for the content of any referenced sites and the links mentioned on these sites. The Learner and the visitor shall use these links under their own responsibility and ensure that they respect the general conditions of these sites.