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Start off on the right foot with our fun, motivating learning tips!
Are you a music lover, a sports fan or a cook?
We’ve got something for everyone!

Fancy becoming a bilingual music lover? 
Listen to your favourite songs and try to translate the lyrics you love most into Luxembourgish! You’ll expand your vocabulary in no time. Psst… Use LLO.LU and the LOD online dictionary to help you! 😉

Sport and language don’t go together? WRONG!
Are you a fan of fitness or even weight training? 
Find the workout that suits you best on YouTube and translate it into Luxembourgish. Work on your pronunciation by recording yourself, while also burning off some energy… It’s a win-win! 🏋️‍♀️💪

Dining in another language?
Suivez des recettes en luxembourgeois et devenez un cuistot hors pair. Lisez à votre rythme les instructions tout en enrichissant votre vocabulaire. Et pourquoi ne pas aussi écrire votre liste de courses en langue étrangère ? 🤤

With our tips and our platform,
you’ll be making progress without even realising! 😉